Water Bottles

Last summer for my oldest son's birthday party we had a little camping theme. I found these water bottles to use as party favors at the dollar store and of course had to label them. After the party when we still had these water bottles lying around for my boys I realized that it really was quite handy to have them labeled  and here's why:
See, my kids have a tendancy to pull a new cup out of the cupboard each time they need a drink and I found myself washing so many extra dishes because of this (especiallly in the summer time when they are all home more) and so I picked up a couple of pink ones for my girls,  added their names  to them and found that it has been a GREAT solution to minimizing the cup usage in our house. The kids can easily see which water bottle is their's and just use the same water bottle all day long. And the greatest thing is, I've run those suckers through the dishwasher multiple times and the names have all stayed intact.


Where did u get the labels

Where did u get the labels from

Where did u get the labeling from