Well, I am sad to say, but I am  officially "retiring" from the vinyl business. 
Not forever, but for a bit. 
It's been a decision I've been contemplating for a while now. The fact that my machine recently started to need some maintenance only helped confirm to me that it is indeed time for a break.  

Oddly enough the past 6 months have been my best 6 months of business to date thanks to all of you! However, having 5 small children, and having recently moved has caused me to re-evaluate some of my priorities. And as much as I absolutely love being organized and helping others achieve the same goal, I feel like my children need me a little bit more right now with the ages they are all at. Juggling both worlds has become a little challenging.  I know I will be back--hopefully sooner rather than later-- but for now it's time for me to pursue some other interests and take a break from the world of vinyl. 

Thanks again for everyone who has ordered with me and has supported my little venture! Please keep checking back as I still intend to blog some additional fun ways to be organized.