I have a large family. Which I absolutely love and purposely planned :) And part of having a large family means that we go through a LOT of food.
Now, back in the day, I could get away with just keeping my two small pantry sized flour and sugar tubs right in my pantry for easy access--I rarely had to refill them. However, now we fly through that stuff much quicker--and I've found that I have to refill them much more frequently then I once did. 

Now I've always had these bigger buckets that I use to store some food and grains for a rainy day. But do to lack of storage in my house I had to keep them stored in one of my kids closets and each time one of my smaller tubs ran out, I had to trek upstairs, pull out the tubs re-fill the smaller tubs, and then put everything back into place--big huge pain! 
So a couple of weekends ago, I took it upon myself to re-vamp my whole pantry to make for some easier storage. Now I don't have a super small pantry--you can walk in it--but I wouldn't call it exactly large either. But in order to optimize the vertical space in it, I had my hubby remove the bottom shelf and re-hang it above the tallest shelf (wish I had a picture to show). I can not believe how much larger my pantry seems now! I FINALLY have room to keep some of my bulkier tubs at the bottom which makes it much, much, easier to re-stock my smaller tubs. And still have all the same shelving space.
I so wish I had done that 4 years ago when we first moved here.

Lesson learned.