So I recently had my fifth baby...hence the neglect on this blog. However, I've had quite the influx of interest in vinyl (I suppose it has something to do with all the fall holiday's and some good exposure from Pinterest) so I thought I'd throw out a few posts on some of my favorite uses for vinyl. I tend to be a bit OCD when it comes to organizing things and so vinyl for me helps me in my never ending venture to be ultra organized. I know I have entirely TOO many toys--but like I said--I have 5 kids. So at least they get played with :)
Let me also preface this by saying that no, my toys don't always stay this neat and cleaned, however, they at least all have a home and for that I love this system.
This little toy system was first introduced to me with the idea of the bins on the shelves with the pictures from my sister in law--so genius! However, I then added my vinyl touch and this is what I've come up with.

Onto the BOY shelves.
I have each row color coordinated with a star on the side. For example, all the Red labeled bins go on the Red star shelf. That way, I can keep some of the more obnoxious toys, such as legos, up high and hopefully out of choking distance from the little ones. 

My girl shelves are essentially the same things, only the rows are flowers instead of stars.

Example tub

For anyone that's interested...

The Bins and shelves came from Ikea and I lamenated the pictures at home and just hot-glue gunned them on.