Lunches Made Easy!

As I've mentioned before, I have 5 kids. Three of whom are currently in school. I have tried about every method I can think of to make packing lunches for them less of a chore for me (anything to simplify right?) and this is the system that has worked the best for us. And so, I share :)
First of all, if I haven't mentioned it before I am obsessed with these pocket organizers. Obsessed!
They are so perfect for organizing so many other items (in addition to shoes). And if you're short on closet space, as I am, then it's a great solution!
Anyways, back to the lunches...this is how our system works:
Sunday night either the hubby or myself makes a few sandwiches (enough to get through mid-week so they stay fresh) and stores them in this awesome cupcake holder that I picked up at Wal-Mart for about $4 years ago.
It stores great in the fridge!
Then, if you look closely at the picture, you can see that I have designated 3 rows to each of my school aged children and of course labeled them with vinyl for the corresponding days of the week (T-F). I didn't label Monday because Monday's lunch goes straight into the lunch box and into the fridge Sunday night.
On Sunday, (well--that is at least the day it's supposed to happen) the idea is to then stuff each pocket with snacks and drinks. It changes from week to week, usually just whatever I have on hand.
Then, small zip-lock bags are packed with fresh fruit/veggies and stored in my fruit keeper in my fridge.
Now the hubby and myself are done until at least mid-week when sandwiches need to be replenished.
The kids know to grab a sandwich, stuff from their pouch, and a fruit/veggie each day for lunch.

Makes for MUCH easier mornings---that is when we stick to it ;)

Now a few things (just to keep it real here) to note are that yes, my two year old has recently discovered how to reach those snacks and I often find her getting into them...something I'm working on.
And two...if I were to label it again...I would probably just color code each row for the kids, rather than label each day of the week.
Overall though--I love this system and would love to hear about your ideas on what works for you!


This is fabulous! is this a shoe pocket holder or just a pocket holder? where did you find it?

Wow - that is a lot of processed foods, but great idea. I might use it with my Whole Foods meals. I hope since this post was originated, you have added more greens into your kids lunches. Check out my site for some ideas.