Pantry Organization Update

I first blogged about my pantry bins about three years ago.
Since then I have added to my collection and thought I'd update the pictures here as well.
I know it might sound silly to think that looking in my pantry makes me happy, well really giddy on a frequent basis (I'm strange I know).
But it seriously does! 
It is one of the few places in my house that almost always stays cleaned. 
And it is one place that I have prized being organized in because it is something I use EVERY SINGLE day! 

Now I didn't just alphabetize these bins for the picture or for your viewing pleasure (although they are wonderful to look at, don't you agree?).
This is really how they stay in my pantry.
Ask any one of my kids.
There is a method to my madness, hang with me.
See, when I first did the tubs, I found I was constantly looking for which tub I needed because when the tubs were pulled from the pantry and then put away, they never landed in the same spot. 
Drove me crazy.
And so, I alphabetized--quite a simple solution!
Now, I (and more importantly my kids) always know where to
1. Find the tub
2. Return the tub.

Trust me. If there is anything you purchase from me--I would most highly recommend these labels.
And as a side note (for those interested) I purchased the tubs at none other than good old Wal-Mart  (Mainstays Cereal Dispensers) for around $4 a piece. (which again, was why it took me a couple of years to build my collection) a good price in my estimation and well worth every penny spent.

Now as I mentioned in a previous post, a few weeks ago we did some re-building in my pantry to make utilize my vertical space. 
Which also meant I needed to make a trip to Ikea for a few different shaped tubs.
I found these for under $2 a piece (well the cereal ones I found at Costco for $10 for the pack of 3) and I love how they complement the rest of my pantry.
I prefer see-through tubs and was so excited when I found these ones.

Happy Organizing!


how do you wash the containers if the lettering is on?