I am officially back in business! As I mentioned in my previous post, we recently moved (from East Coast to West Coast) and boy was it a hectic move! Nothing (of course!) went as planned. But I suppose that is to be somewhat expected with such a big move. It literally took nearly 6 weeks for the movers to bring us our furniture, can you believe it? Just try to imagine having 5 kids (all home for summer break) with no beds, washer dryer, couches to sit on, ect. It's been a little crazy around here to say the least! Hence, the delay on my coming back to work. But, I think we are feeling a little more settled and I am ready to fill more orders!

Thanks again to everyone who hung with me and took advantage of the free shipping option.

I'm hoping to have some fresh new organizing ideas posted here soon as moving to a new house has sparked some new ideas!