Shoe Organization

This is my shoe organizing station that I use for my kids in my garage.  Since I don't have a mud room (although I would desperately love one!) this is our make-shift solution. I found these boxes at IKEA for around $2 each, hot glued some laminated pictures of each kid onto the boxes, and of course labeled them. There are NO questions as to where each kids shoes belong--even for my 2 year old who can't read because she recognizes the picture of herself there. The older kids get the boxes on the top shelf, and the younger (shorter) kids get the bottom shelf. 
Other substitutions for this same system would be to keep each kids sporting items (since we are into spring sports right now) in the same containers labeled the same way. That way jerseys, cleats, ect. all land in the same spot (I hate looking for that stuff right before a practice or game). The possibilities for uses are endless!