A Few Changes and FREE SHIPPING!!

Well, I know I have been MIA, but I assure you I have been busy, busy, busy over here, thanks to all of you!
Today I hit my 100,000 visitor count, so that was super exciting!!
 Thank you everyone who has stopped on by and taken the time to order! I hope you have been having fun becoming more organized!

Now I know I promised a new site ( it is still in the works. However, it is going to be delayed a bit longer as my family is now going to be moving across the country and I will be needing to take a little "vinyl break" to make that happen. 
I sure hope you all understand.

So, what this means for you, is that I will be taking orders and filling them from NOW until JUNE 1 2012..but...

Any orders placed AFTER June 1, 2012, will not be filled until JULY 15, 2012. 

Now, does this mean you shouldn't order? 

Absolutely not! 
In fact, as a little incentive to keep you ordering, not only am I offering FREE SHIPPING  on all orders between NOW and JULY 15, 2012, but I am also offering 1 Free Chalkboard Label to every order placed between now and JULY 15, 2012.

So, spread the word!

And Happy Organizing!