Oh the Wonderful World of Vinyl!

Well, here we go. I know it's still got some work to be done on it, but I've decided to give the vinyl blog a-go. It's meant to be more of a supplement to my vinyl website which one day {fingers crossed} will be happily updated and a bit more functional. But until the holiday's pass, and life cools down a bit, I've decided to use the blog as a way to keep some updated pictures and ideas brewing. Some of these ideas I'd like to think I thought of on my own, and others are ideas that I've seen floating around and have tried to put my own personal touch on.
I'll try to keep updating more pics, and certainly if any one has a cute fun vinyl projects (I know you have them...share, share, share!) I'd love to add them here.
Have fun looking, and have a great Holiday season!

Advent Calendar

As an alternate to using the round pizza pan displayed below, try using a rectangular cookie sheet instead! And as an alternate to using ribbon to hang the pizza pan, try displaying the finished product on an easel.

Teacher Gifts

Every year at this same time I start going crazy trying to think of something {thoughtful} I can pass along to those blessed people who take such good care of my kiddo's at school. Gift cards are always nice {and easy} but I always feel like they're so generic. So over the last couple of years I've discovered how much my kids teachers have loved recieving gifts similar to the ones I have posted here {especially the ones where I've personalized it with their names!--sorry no pics of those}.
I love these gifts because even though it looks like lots of moo-lah was spent {no offense if you've happened to be the beneficiary of such a gift} the expense was very minimal. So, let your imagination go wild--and have fun spoiling the teachers in your life.

Holiday Coasters

I picked up these tiles at my local home improvement store for $.14 each. I also bought the sheets of foam grippers because they can be easily cut down and they go a long ways for the price, but as an alternate you could use similar products that are found in the same section of the store as floor protectors such as pre-cut felt pads. Mix and match your favorite sayings to make a complete set.


Okay, I know we all have ornaments lying around come Christmas time. So why not make them more personal? I purchased a box of 12 clear glass ornaments for $3.00. It's so simple to add a cute saying, wrap in some cellophane and tie with a bow for an inexpensive teacher, neighborhood, or family gift this year. {think of how many neighbors you can cover with just one box!;)}A gift with a personal touch! Music teacher gifts

Holiday Blocks

These wood blocks are so easy and inexpensive to make! They not only make great gifts for teachers, or neighbors, but are great to add to your own personal holiday, or home decorations.


Classy Frames

Ohh, I looove these frames! Super easy to make!

Shower Blocks

These glass shower blocks make awesome gifts! And are so easy to make. The glass blocks can be purchased at most home improvement stores and then add one or two layers of vinyl, top with a bow, and wah-lah!
For an extra effect, drill a hole in the bottom of the block with a glass drill bit, add a short strand of white christmas lights into the hole, and plug in. Simple and classy.

Get Organized and Stay Organized!

Calling all organizing junkies! You know who you are. Custom labels for every shelf, container, and bin. Imagine the order. Need I say more?


I've had LOTS of inquiries as to where I found the bins. 
I actually purchased them at Wal-Mart and have not seen them at any other store (especially for the price!). They really are the perfect size!
Hope that helps!